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Lori Baker featured on Kara’s Party Ideas!

Lori’s Star Wars dessert table continues to receive applause… Now featured on the world-famous Kara’s Party Ideas Blog!

Designed for Star Wars fans who traveled to NY from all across the country for a super-special Star Wars Day party – this table was so much fun to design and set up! Rubbing elbows with fantastically dressed Star Wars die hards, the Yoda Cake was so delicious nobody dared cut it out πŸ™‚

Lori Baker now a humble partner of Icing Smiles, Baking a Difference!

Icing Smiles is a nonprofit organization that provides custom celebration cakes and other treats to families impacted by the critical illness of a child. The goal of these “sugar-angels” is to create custom cakes for ill children and their siblings, providing a temporary escape from worry and creating positive memories during difficult times.

Learn more about Icing Smiles here.

2017 NY Cake Show… Award Won!

See cake competition pictures here

β€œI have a dream, a song to sing
to help me cope with anything.”

These beautiful lines begin and end the Mamma Mia! musical, based on ABBA’s greatest hits.

Donna, a former singer in an all-girl-band, is a single mother raising her daughter by herself while struggling to maintain her business. Yet despite all difficulties and challenges, she lives a happy life – running a Taverna on a sunny Greek island and providing for her lovely daughter, soon to be married.

I fell in love with Mamma Mia the first time I saw it, as it reminded me of my childhood and family. The message this musical so wonderfully delivers is one of optimism; no matter how poor you are or where you come from – if you’re willing to work hard and believe in yourself, your dreams may just come true one day.

I have a dream…

Lori Baker


2017 NY Cake Show is Here!

This Β year’s NY Cake Show Competition will be taking place June 9 and 10, at Pier 36 299 South St, New York.

Theme is Broadway Shows… learn more here… wish me luck!